There are many different brands of contact lenses on the market and it can prove difficult to choose the right one to suit your eyes.We here at Munnelly Opticians offer a full fit and assessment to find what contact lenses best suit you and your lifestyle .

Contact Lenses are a great alternative for socal events and sports .

If you are a first time contact lense wearer and are worried about wearing them we will go trough a fit and teach with you until you are 100% confident to do it yourself.

Daily Disposable
By wearing a daily disposable lenses you wear a new lenses everyday.By wearing a disposable lens you are less likely to develop microbial infections for , modern materials such as Alcon’s Water Gradient Technology in ‘Dailies Total 1’ enable all day comfort.

Monthly Contact Lenses
Monthly contact lenses are re use able and best suited for full time wearer’s.They are available in various prescriptions shapes and materials to suit your eyes, however they do require more care but are cost effective.

Toric Lenses

Patients with astigmatism and wish to wear contact lenses can do so by wearing ‘TORIC’ lenses. These lenses allow better accuracy and correct distortion thats seen at alll distances with an astigmatic eye.Toric lenses are available in many varietys.