From 27 March 2017, the Treatment Benefit Scheme has been extended to also cover self-employed people who pay Class S PRSI. You should contact the DEASP or your treatment provider to check your eligibility before proceeding with any treatment.

Under the Treatment Benefit Scheme, you may qualify for: Optical Benefit

To Find out if you are eligible  for this you came simply contact us on 0906496001 with your PRSI number and we will be happy to check it for you.


Medical Cards

Regular eye examinations are important, which is why we recommend you have an eye examination at least every two years.

The HSE provides optical services free of charge to certain groups. These services may be provided by HSE staff (children) or by private practitioners (adults).


  • Medical card holders and their dependants
  • People with Hepatitis C who contracted the disease through the use of Human Immunoglobulin-Anti-D or from receiving any blood product or a blood transfusion within Ireland and who have a Health Amendment Act Card

Medical card holders are entitled to a free examination and any necessary standard spectacles once every two years (more often if required in certain medical circumstances*). All examinations and dispensing require approval from the Local Health Office.

*Diabetics can avail of a free eye examination every year.


All pre-school children and national school children referred from child health service and school health service examinations who are found to have sight problems are referred to the appropriate consultant for treatment. This treatment is carried out at the out-patient department of a public hospital or local health clinic free of charge.

Optical Benefit Scheme (PRSI)

The Treatment Benefit Scheme entitles you to a free eyesight test. However, sight tests for VDUs, driving licences, etc., are not covered under the scheme

Qualifying Conditions in Summary

A person must have a certain number of PRSI contributions paid to qualify for Treatment Benefit, either 39 or 260 according to the age of the insured person.

If you are:
You must have at least:
Aged under 21
39 weeks PRSI paid since first starting work.
Aged 21 to 24
39 weeks PRSI paid since first starting work
Aged 25 to 65
260 weeks PRSI paid since first starting work
Aged 66 or over
260 weeks PRSI paid since first starting work